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Japan: Maple Home

Maple Home (JApan)

In 2008 we provided design services for a small school for a client in Japan. The project, a preschool/nursery school in the southwest side of the main island of Japan, was in need of exterior studies – improvement to the form of the structure. The local architect in Japan had already developed a floor plan and a site plan to accommodate their local codes and conditions. 4D's Ben Mulder completed design study alternates for the building envelope. The clients selected one of the alternates to work with and the structure has been built and is in use today.

Island City Nursery School (2008)

Sasaoka Cosmos (2011)

Shingu Shimonofu COsmos (2013)

Ito Cosmos Hoikuen (2014)

Nakagawa Cosmos (2014)

Terazuka Cosmos (2014)

Island City Nursery School II (2015)

Build adjacent to the original Island City Cosmos, this school will be constructed 2015-2016