4D Architects

Kirkland: 1414 Market Street

1414 Market Street: 4D Architects' Office

Location: Kirkland, WA
Builder: Bob Talbott Construction
Project Type: Commercial - New Construction
4D Project: 03003

In 2003, 4D Architects purchased the property at 1414 Market Street and began the process of designing, permitting, and constructing our own sustainable design for the building that we work in today. We understand the personal and practical issues of budget and the impact of construction costs on design. Built with a limited budget, we value engineered every design choice, considering economics as a fundamental aspect of our sustainable approach. Recycled materials were incorporated into the design, where feasible, and the structure itself makes maximum use of all applicable zoning envelopes on the site. The building provides an attractive, usable and leasable space that makes economic sense.

Our sustainable design incorporates the following features:

  • Daylighting design
  • Maximum efficiency lighting design, including an automated lighting control system
  • Exterior and interior shading systems, including a cable trellis that supports shade vegetation
  • Landscape for solar shading in summer
  • Vegetated roofs over the parking garage, lowering the overall heat reflective impact of the building; these roofs also provide water retention, reducing the impact to City's storm drainage systems
  • Solar heated lobby
  • High efficiency heating system incorporating a boiler to provides both heating and domestic hot water
  • Natural ventilation in lieu of air conditioning for the upper floor offices
  • Building materials were chosen for their longevity/durability, reducing ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Reuse of various materials from demolished buildings

 The daylighting design was implemented with the assistance of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Seattle Daylighting Lab. This facility is a public agency that promotes energy efficiency and provides analysis of building design to improve daylighting. They assisted us in the placement and type of skylights to better daylight our building, thereby lowering our energy bill.